Sunday, September 26, 2010

Weekly Status - 9/20 to 9/26

  • Mon 7, 5 at 07:36 pace
  • Tue easy 4
  • Wed 10, 8 at 07:28 pace - Goal pace! mostly around 7:32 splits, last mile in 7:02
  • Thu 7.56, 1378 vert.
  • Fri off
  • Sat 21.88, 4485 vert. last 3 miles went from pathetic excuse for running to almost blacking out. 16:27 pace
  • Sun 7.56 1378 vert.
  • Total 58 miles, 7241 vertical
Found out I had not been counting one segment correctly, hence my long run increased by 2 miles, not one. I'm actually not worried about dying at the end of the long run. It was a hot day and I got low on water. Also, I kind of expect to have long runs that end like this while my body is getting reacquainted with running longer distances. Right achilles/calf was tight earlier in the week (from the 7:02 mile) but otherwise, legs have been performing well.
I was quite pleased to hit my goal pace - over 20 seconds faster pace than last week. The hill workouts are definitely driving the faster pace of track workouts.
On the track workouts, I've evolved into this format:
  • Ride bike two miles to track.
  • 1 mile jog with maybe a stride at the end
  • Stretch (soleus, gastrocnemius, touch toes, quads, 2 hip stretches, hurdle stretches)
  • 1 lap with two strides
  • Run tempo run
  • 3 lap warmdown
  • Ride bike two miles home

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