Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm Blaming Last Week

I missed my long run on Wednesday because of my typical sore ankle. I ran a quarter mile and then walked back home. So...
  • Monday - 2 miles easy plus the usual pushups, situps and pullups.
  • Tuesday - 5x2k in Twila Reid park - for the first time. The local Larwin park is torn up a bit after the city removed 3 trees - why, I don't know.
  • Wednesday - 0.25 and out.
  • skip to Saturday - 4 mile tempo on the track
  • Sunday - about 15 on Maple Springs Truck Trail (2.6k or so of elevation gain)

So I've reverted to run hard on Tue/Sat and long on Wed/Sun. I'll do another week or so at status quo and then lengthen the Sunday workout.