Saturday, October 11, 2008

Long run in loafers

My workouts have been going pretty well - about 70 miles per week is typical. I've wanted to bump that up though. This week, I planned to commute home from work on Tuesday because my carpool partner had to work late or something. So about 4:00 pm, I started grabbing my stuff to change clothes and get going. No shoes. I forgot my shoes at home! I was ticked! I started thinking of my options: run 22 miles barefoot or wear my work shoes. Actually, I was wearing my work shoes most amenable to running - some Timberland loafers. They worked out pretty well although I don't plan to run home in them again. I took it pretty easy at the start. That got frustrating since I was hitting all of the stoplights so after a few miles, I think I picked up the pace (and started running through lights). The soles of my forefeet started feeling bruised in the last two miles but I could "smell the barn" at that point.
I did the same run on Thursday with my regular Mizuno Wave Precisions and had a much more enjoyable run. So anyway, I might hit 100 miles this week. Now it's time to take a nap and then run.