Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not Perfect But Not Bad

I missed my Tuesday workout and Sunday didn't go as hoped but not bad.
  • Monday - Usual easy 2 with calisthenics
  • Tuesday - Missed my 5x2k workout
  • Wednesday - 18 mile road run
  • Thursday - Easy 2 with calisthenics. Probably will double my pull-ups next week.
  • Friday - 4 mile tempo run
  • Saturday - 14 mile in mountains - Maple Springs Truck Trail
  • Sunday - (only) 7 in Whittier Hills. Quads were dead. I was adding this workout (replacing an extra easy day on Friday) and I hadn't run hills for a few weeks. So it isn't surprising that I struggled. When I've struggled like this in the past, often things go just fine the next week.

Google Earth view of Maple Springs Truck Trail (in red)

Plan for next week:
  • Weather is good so track should be in good shape for Tuesday. Looks like rain on Thursday so may do Friday workout in park by work (1k loop on firm grass). May explore a different park near home since the local park (Larwin) is a bit torn up due to removal of some trees. That makes it a little sketchy to run hard in the dark.
  • Don't know weekend weather yet but hope to run 14 on Saturday and 7 or so on Sunday, both with plenty of vertical.
  • Planning to do sets of 8 pull-ups and more push-ups.

Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Happy

Missed one of my long runs due to working long hours on Wed, but I'm still happy. Longest run yet - 18 miles.
  • Monday - 2 miles easy plus 3x16 pushups, situps, pullups
  • Tuesday - 5x2k on dirt loop in Irvine (hard on the flat, uphill, jogged downhill)
  • Wednesday & Friday - worked late, Thursday - went to happy hour (or so) for my departing boss.
  • Saturday - 4 mile tempo run
  • Sunday - 18 mile road run.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Weeks in review - 10/24/2011 through 11/13/2011

Here's the last three weeks of workouts since I moved my long run from Thursday (where it wasn't working out) to Wednesday. This move made Tuesday/Wednesday and Saturday/Sunday both fast/long pairs of workouts (fast for me, that is).

10/24/2011 - 10/30/2011
  • Monday - 2 easy pm, 3x16xpushups, situps,3x4 pullups
  • Tuesday - 2 (warmup)+ 5x2k
  • Wednesday - 10 (road run) To El Dorado park
  • Friday - 2 easy
  • Saturday - 2+4 (tempo run)
  • Sunday - 14.2 on trails - Whittier 3 loops

10/31/2011 - 11/6/2011
  • Monday - 2 easy pm, 3x16xpushups, situps, 3x4 pullups
  • Tuesday - 2+5x2k
  • Wednesday - 12 (on river route) to Edison Park
  • Thursday - 4 easy
  • Saturday - 2+4+1
  • Sunday - 11.33 on trails - Rowland Heights (cut short because it was raining)

11/7/2011 - 11/13/2011
  • Monday - 2 easy pm, 3x16xpushups, situps,3x4 pullups
  • Tuesday - 5x2k at Larwin (10 total). (Running on) grass gets me to drive more.
  • Wednesday - 14 on river. Rolled lt ankle just before turn around but apparently no problem.
  • Thursday - 2 at lunch
  • Saturday - 2+3
  • Sunday - 16.6 on river - Left knee a little touchy, probably from running in grass

  • I've been consistent about missing an easy workout on either Thursday or Friday.
  • I have not been doing pushups/situps/pullups on the second easy day of the week.
  • Sunday has been deviating from plan the last two weeks (partly due to weather).

  • This is really quite consistent for me, certainly more so than before I had heart problems.
  • I've dealt effectively with weather and conflicts (like today).
  • I'm increasing my workload roughly according to plan because the plan is based on how well I've been able to increase the workload.
  • I got the road run pretty much up to the full distance.

  • I'll try to cut the grass runs back to once per week for a while.
  • I'll focus on getting in the Sunday workout (keep it on trails and hills/mountains, coordinate in advance), especially since increasing that to the 19 to 20 mile range is the next change planned.

Here's the Google Earth image of my beach/river run. I ran to just the 8.3 mile point on Sunday (end of the bike path).

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Running in Grass

We're getting rain now and I run on dirt tracks so I've had to find an alternative. The nearest all-weather track at Cypress College is often crowded with walkers so I ran my 5x2k workout in the park the other night. One figure-8 lap around the park is 3/8ths of a mile so each interval was 3 laps plus. One thing I really liked about the workout is that I needed to drive more with my flexed leg in order to not wallow or lose form. I really liked that so I'm going to continue running sometimes in the grass. Some slightly negative aspects (although the first might be viewed as a positive) are 1) the ground is uneven - I try to route around major holes 2) I got a pin stuck in my shoe and 3) I got cat crap from the feral cats on the bottom of one shoe.
Last night, I ran 14 on the beach route. This ultimately will be 18 miles. I might have gone for 16 last night but just before the 14 mile turnaround, I stepped on the edge of the path and rolled my left ankle. However, it seems like no damage was done and it is not painful nor stiff at all today.

Monday, November 7, 2011


Things have been going well. I'm increasing my work load gradually and I have a schedule to which I've been able to adhere. Here are some things that have been keys for my return:

  • Rest - I take a nap after work,before my workout.
  • Walking at lunch
  • Stay hydrated - The trick I use is to drink plenty of non-caffeinated tea, like mint tea, ginger tea, rooibos tea.
  • Consistency - I don't change much from one week to the next.
  • Don't get exhausted - I used to have practice sessions which I would characterize as RTF - Run To Failure. Not anymore. Now I stay within myself.
  • Don't worry much about miles. Don't worry about missing a workout now and then. If I miss a workout, I don't try to make it up.
  • Don't stress out
  • Warmup - My warmup on Tuesday and Saturday is 2 miles. This starts pretty slowly.
  • Stretching - I'm trying to incorporate stretching AFTER workouts into my routine.
    Soleus, Gastrocnemius, touch toes, quad, IT, piriformis
  • Schedule - I took a schedule from a book on Kenyan running and modified it a little to work around my schedule. The result is
    • Monday - Easy (2 miles) plus pushups, situps and pullups.
    • Tuesday - 5x2km intervals. Will eventually change to shorter intervals but I'm in no rush.
    • Wednesday - Long run, currently on the road. This is the workout I'm increasing at the moment (by 2 miles per week). Once I get this to 18 miles, I may run it on the track at times.
    • Thursday - Easy plus pushups, situps and pullups
    • Friday - Easy
    • Saturday - 4 mile tempo
    • Sunday - Long trail (mountain or hills), currently 14 miles

    So two sets of a more intense session followed by a longer session, separated by about 2 rest days.

Things I'm not doing

  • A lot of exercises like core, med ball, etc. I was lifting but that's not a priority now.
  • Hard stretches. I'm leaving hurdle stretches out for now.
  • Yoga. Not my thing.
  • Sprints or dragging the tire. I did some earlier and it seemed to bother my heart.
  • Two a days - I'm already getting up at 4:40 on weekdays. It's too much stress to get up earlier. I haven't bothered running in the afternoon on weekends.