Saturday, July 3, 2010


8.758.68.66.25 2500'8.5 9:16 pace
6/774.428.58.537.75 3000'
6/149.429.25 9:03103.75 1500'10 2500'10 2000'
6/2110.4210 8:43105 1400'412 4000'10 2000'
6/2811.4212 (11@8:36)11

Issues during the month:

  • Inside right ankle pain (tendonitis) at first when running downhill. Seems to be going away toward end of month.
  • Foot pain (stone bruise? neuroma?) on right foot just behind index toe. Long standing problem getting worse. It's worst when running on pavement, for some reason worse in Pumas (softer). Started wearing NB XC flats when running in dirt where there are rocks. Also bought NB MT100 shoes on 7/2.
  • Dealt with being worn out twice. First response (which was correct) was to return to taking iron supplements. Second response (which also was correct) was to incorporate more rest once my mileage got up to 11 mile days.
Changes during month:
  • Started with 4 day rotation
  • Went to 7 day pattern
  • Incorporating more rest
  • Got out to the mountains - Hooray!
  • Reduced then eliminated pavement
I'm excited about my proposed workout schedule, as follows:
  • Mon: 4 miles easy (grass), possibly with non-running drills
  • Tue: Long tempo on track, building to 16 miles, reducing pace gradually with goal of 7:30
  • Wed: 4 miles easy - may incorporate a little speed work - strides at first, maybe some 150's
  • Thu: Hill repeats or possible interval workout at some time in the future.
  • Fri: 4 miles easy (grass), possibly with non-running drills
  • Sat: Mountains
  • Sun: Trail or mountains
I'm happy with how the long tempo has been going. I'm gradually increasing the length and gradually increasing the pace. I was pretty tired going into it this past week and was surprised to bring the average pace down.

I'm happy with how the weekend runs are going.
I'm determined to be patient with the Thursday night hill repeats. I want to get these up to 10 miles with about 2800' of gain, then keep it at 10 miles but increase the gain to 4000'. I think these will start improving with my new plan to have short recovery days on Mon/Wed/Fri.

If I feel I'm doing enough vertical on the weekends, I may convert the Thu workout to intervals.

As far as the problems are concerned (foot pain, ankle), I think it is important to come up with a plan, execute the plan and if it doesn't work, adjust the plan.