Monday, May 26, 2008


66 miles last week with a couple of 16 mile runs. My bursitis isn't bothering me much and my right ankle stays under control if I don't push the pace. So that's my guiding principle - to not push the pace and also to stretch before going on a run. I also warmup and write the alphabet forwards and backwards before stretching. I ran to Seal Beach Pier yesterday (18 miles) so that's a little bit better. Stuck my right foot in a bucket of ice water afterwards.
I notice I sleep better if I run in the evening than if I run in the morning. With my current commute (which is to leave early), that works out fine.
And now time for a 10 mile run. Hope to get 80 miles this week.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

More excuses

Had a rough week on prod support this week although that doesn't explain the low miles. After Saturday's 20 in the mountains, rode 32 miles on the Schwinn on Saturday. Ran 8 miles on the track on Monday and then 4 on Thursday - the day I got paged at 2:30 am and then worked all day (and the next) on the solution. The left heel started burning again on Thursday. I still think the problem is that I'm not running enough and tightening up in the big stretches between workouts. I'm trying to have each hard workout interleaved with a barefoot run. The heel doesn't bother me on the bike however. OK - I'm off to run barefoot in the park for a little. No mountains while I'm on prod support (and there is a lingering issue from last night).

P.S. If I post on a regular basis, maybe that will embarass me into sticking to plans.