Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not Perfect But Not Bad

I missed my Tuesday workout and Sunday didn't go as hoped but not bad.
  • Monday - Usual easy 2 with calisthenics
  • Tuesday - Missed my 5x2k workout
  • Wednesday - 18 mile road run
  • Thursday - Easy 2 with calisthenics. Probably will double my pull-ups next week.
  • Friday - 4 mile tempo run
  • Saturday - 14 mile in mountains - Maple Springs Truck Trail
  • Sunday - (only) 7 in Whittier Hills. Quads were dead. I was adding this workout (replacing an extra easy day on Friday) and I hadn't run hills for a few weeks. So it isn't surprising that I struggled. When I've struggled like this in the past, often things go just fine the next week.

Google Earth view of Maple Springs Truck Trail (in red)

Plan for next week:
  • Weather is good so track should be in good shape for Tuesday. Looks like rain on Thursday so may do Friday workout in park by work (1k loop on firm grass). May explore a different park near home since the local park (Larwin) is a bit torn up due to removal of some trees. That makes it a little sketchy to run hard in the dark.
  • Don't know weekend weather yet but hope to run 14 on Saturday and 7 or so on Sunday, both with plenty of vertical.
  • Planning to do sets of 8 pull-ups and more push-ups.

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