Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stupido, Tonto

Actually more like one step forward, two steps back. My weight was back up to 143 this week from 138. I focused on eating complete protein with each meal and after a workout. I also increased how much I ate for breakfast. That helped eliminate the dead legs I've been feeling.

After the rain on Friday, I tried running Harding Truck Trail on Saturday but it was pretty muddy and slippery. So instead I made the mistake of going on a 17 mile road run. That left me with the usual small but persistent pain in my right soleus. I think it's best if I just stay off pavement. So here's what happened this week.

10 miles on track in 1:33:01 with a big speedup over the last 4 milesFailed interval workout at Larwin Park7.6 mile out and back in Laguna Canyon7.6 mile out and back in Laguna Canyonnothing (rain)17 mile road run to Seal Beachnothing (pain in soleus)

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