Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones but they also work in lieu of toilet paper

That means I got in a long trail run today.
I'm reporting for two weeks. Last week - life intervened. Life also intervened this week but I managed to get my workouts in for the most part.
    Last week, I missed my long run because I had to help my daughter with important errands on Thursday. Also missed Saturday because of weather, at least that's my excuse. Sunday however turned out to be a good workout - back to "Run To Failure" since I was unable to run the mile home from the track.
  • Tue, 1/17 - 13 Turnbull Canyon hill repeats, 3k+ climb, 7.5 miles
  • Wed, 1/18 - Easy but hilly 4 at Signal Hill
  • Sun, 1/22 - 1 mile warmup, 14 in 1:57:50 at Cypress College - 8:25 pace. I did 8:34 pace for 8 miles last year (post-op) so this is improvement. I think I'll run on the track every other Thursday.

    This week (and last), I was working a lot. I worked 13+ hours on Tuesday so I delayed my hill repeats until Wednesday. I did 4k worth of climb on both hill repeat days which had an effect on both subsequent days.
  • Mon, 1/23 - 2 easy in the park
  • Wed, 1/25 - 17 Turnbull hill repeats, 4k climb, 9.8 miles
  • Thu, 1/26 - 10 miles road. Right hip was bothering me so I cut the long run short.
  • Sat, 1/28 - 17 Turnbull hill repeats
  • Sun, 1/29 - Whittier/Schabarum trail loop - about 19 miles. I didn't bonk like the previous time but my pace was pretty pathetic at the end so I didn't lengthen it.

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