Monday, March 9, 2009

Workouts for week

3/2/20090.25Signal Hill in 1:34 (once)
3/3/200922Commute home
3/5/200922Commute home
3/7/20093150k in pieces: 18+2.5+2.5+8

Ran home from work a couple of times. Tuesday, my right hip started really hurting until about halfway when it stopped. Thursday, I carried my clothes (including shoes) in a backpack. Neither was fast.
Concerning the hip

  1. I'm going to warmup before trying anymore intense sprints uphill.
  2. I've started doing a whole array of stretches for my hips. The right hip has been a problem waiting to happen.

And why do I get such a big gap in front of an html table?

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