Sunday, June 1, 2008

Biking and Running

I think I got in a little over 70 miles last week. I got over to Signal Hill for an urban hill workout on Wednesday, I think. Yesterday on Saturday, I tried riding up to Whittier to run trails. The ride actually went pretty well but I was dripping wet when I got there. My run was pretty much a shuffle but that may have been due to the 18 miles the previous night. The other problem was that this trailhead (Colima Road - Habitat Authority) doesn't have very good options - although I did see a 3 foot (not 3 footed) black snake with yellow stripes. Next time I'll try going to Whittier College and running my usual loop starting in the middle. I took a little spike back type backpack with me and put my biking shorts and shirt and helmet in that while I ran. It was pretty loose on my back until I found a little wire and twisted it around the cords in front of my sternum.

This coming week, I'm riding the bus and then the bike home on both Monday and Tuesday. I'm going to try to squeeze out 10 miles after those commutes. I'm planning to put in 18 on Wed. and Fri. but try to bike to Signal Hill on Thursday and run 4 reps of a 2.5 mile hilly loop. I'm taking my lights with me.

So right now, I'm trying to increase my running mileage from week to week but also throw in some biking. The combination makes for pretty good workouts. I'm trying to not get hung up about the mileage vs. goal as long as I keep improving little by little.

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