Monday, May 26, 2008


66 miles last week with a couple of 16 mile runs. My bursitis isn't bothering me much and my right ankle stays under control if I don't push the pace. So that's my guiding principle - to not push the pace and also to stretch before going on a run. I also warmup and write the alphabet forwards and backwards before stretching. I ran to Seal Beach Pier yesterday (18 miles) so that's a little bit better. Stuck my right foot in a bucket of ice water afterwards.
I notice I sleep better if I run in the evening than if I run in the morning. With my current commute (which is to leave early), that works out fine.
And now time for a 10 mile run. Hope to get 80 miles this week.

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Jay Anderson said...

Oh yeah, and I didn't go to Bishop since I did not get in a training run of 50k.
One other addition to my training is riding my bike home from work. Usually now if I don't carpool, I ride my bike and the bus to work and ride my fixed gear bike the entire 25 miles home. The first day was hair-raising but it has gotten better every time since. So that's a pretty good workout without the pounding.