Monday, May 14, 2007

That's better

5/9 - Ran to Seal Beach pier (18 miles - road) with good energy level.
5/10 - 8 mile version of Schabarum Park loop at an aggressive pace. One slightly macabre note: saw the bottom 12" of a deer leg on the trail. Also met a woman who said she had just seen a bobcat. I have never seen one in the Habitat Authority.
... relatives visiting ...
5/13 - 50k completed (let's not talk about the time). The pace dropped off at the end. My goal was to complete the workout without any caffeine.
5/14 - slow 11 mile hilly run. Saw three deer and several tarantula hawks. One slightly amusing thing: I startled a ground squirrel and it ran across the dirt road. I also startled a rabbit which went flying past the squirrel.

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