Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I've been having problems for a while with my solei, and recently the left soleus for a change.  I do the Alfredson Protocol on a minimum of a daily basis to help with this.  Playing soccer seemed to get them stronger.

I came up with the following workout.

Starting on a concrete levee, basically a 30 degree slope that's about 20 feet high:

  • Run straight up, emphasizing turnover, not stride length.
  • Run Carioca sideways (traveling both to the left and right).
  • Run straight up again.
The last time I did this, I did 8 reps, 4(L) + 4(R) reps, 8 reps.

Then, I ride my bike back to the local park and do the following.

  • Some running straight to warm up.
  • Some Cariocas
  • 1 step Zigzag, so push off left to go right, then on the next step push off right to go left - for 32 steps.
  • 1 step reversed Zigzag, push off left to go left, then push off right to go right.
  • 2 step Zigzag, so push off left, first traveling right, then 2 steps later traveling left.
  • 2 step Zigzag, push off right.
This seems to help.

Also, inspired by Serena Williams, today I squeezed out as many 24 step sprints as I felt I could without further injuring myself.  I iced and used the EMS machine afterwards.

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