Sunday, July 7, 2013

7/1/2013 through 7/7/2013

I had dead legs shorten my long climbs on Thursday and Saturday.  I'm going to blame that on the generally low mileage I've been running since Bishop (roughly 50/week), lack of vertical and particularly bad week last week (32).  In the end, I got in 8 runs for 65 miles this week.  I also came up with a new workout this week which I call Negative Mile Split.  After the warmup, the idea is to split each mile faster until you can't or don't want to anymore.  I ran just 3 miles on the clock with splits of 9:23, 8:13 and 7:03.  The 7:03 is probably the fastest accurate mile split I've had recently.  I was amused that the difference between the splits was 1:10 both times.  I can see a wide range of variation for this workout.  I also see this workout adapting to how you feel that day.

  • Mon: Laguna Canyon: 12 mi, 1907 vertical
  • Tue: 10x800 on a rough track, 3:42 average
  • Wed: Bolsa Chica - 10.2 mi, 9:43 average
  • Thu: Part of Maple Springs Truck Trail (dead legs) - 10 mi, 2021 vertical
  • Fri: El Dorado Park (road) - 10.2 mi, 10:18 average
  • Sat am: Part of Harding Truck Trail (dead legs) - 4.4 mi, 991 vertical
  • Sat pm: Negative Mile Splits - 5.1 mi in all
  • Sun: Rose Hills Road hill repeats - 5 miles, 1635 vertical

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