Thursday, September 6, 2007

AC - Oh no!

Some guys who were getting ready to run AC wanted to do an overnight run of the last 42 miles of the course and somehow I got roped into running with them. I hadn't planned to run AC this year because I just didn't think I was in shape, in particular for the altitude. However, the overnight run went well for me and I wasn't very sore or anything so I decided to enter the race. I'm planning to approach this as a) a practice run for a later race and b) as Tracy Bahr says "Playing outside all day long." I think things might go ok if I don't start out at a stupid pace and if I make it to Cloudburst. At least I haven't had any significant injuries this year. Perhaps another quote (from a neighbor girl when I lived in Spain as a kid) is appropriate: "Stupido! Tonto!"

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